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Zaneta Geltz chose to want less, live more and leave a better world behind. In 2013 she established a unique magazine focused on allergies, immunology and asthma. One year later, having over 1000 interviews processed with scientists and specialists, she formulated a simple recipe for a happy life, and started to live by it.
Ecology and sustainability is her life priority and that is why the magazine is not going to present any unsustainable or uncertified products, not to mislead the readers with semi-food or harmful cosmetics. She created “Organic Life” platform to establish a place, which connects sustainable manufacturers, designers, architects, authors, farmers, gardeners and many other persons, with consumers, who try to find the most reliable choice of solutions to go for. You are invited to meet the PEOPLE and know the BRANDS.
She is a linguist by education, a journalist by choice.

Dr. Jane Goodall opening speech has made half of the audience cry and at the end she received standing ovation, like no one else speaking that day.


Dr. Jane Goodall, Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire, primate researcher and UN Messenger of Peace has opened the biggest industry gathering for international organic sector – ecological food and cosmetics on February 12th, 2020 in Nuremberg. The speech showed dr. Jane Goodall is profoundly an inspiring woman who stands up for endangered species like nobody else. She underlined the role of everyday consumption by all of us: reducing food waste, choosing organic food and skin care, choosing ethical products and refusing brands based on pesticides and herbicides, seriously devastating our natural environment.


It is probably most important that everyone understands that each one of us makes an impact every day – and those of us lucky enough not to be living in poverty have a choice. We can ask, when we buy something, if its production harmed the environment, involved cruelty to animals, or child slave labour. We must alleviate poverty, for if you are really poor you cut down the last tree, fish the last fish – because you HAVE to, in order to survive. And we must each try to live more sustainably, leave as small an environmental footprint as we can. And we must face up to human population growth and try to help people choose to have small families. Before it is too late.” – says dr. Jane Goodall.


Dr. Goodall explained why she needed to leave the forest and start speaking to people all over the world, why herbicides and pesticides are devastating our natural environment and what cows have to do with climate change. Please, spend 30 minutes on listening.

The Jane Goodall Institute Roots & Shoots movement for young people of all ages, preschool through university, is present in 60 countries – of course including Germany. Very many of the perhaps 150,000 groups are choosing to grow organic vegetables in their school gardens, to create butterfly gardens. Around the world, Roots & Shoots members are planting trees, leading public awareness campaigns, saving abandoned animals, helping the homeless, reducing their communities’ waste, protecting clean water and promoting biodiversity, among many other admirable goals. They are making a world of difference, one community project at a time. For more information, please visit

Our magazine has also shared an idea of an Organic Life platform, which you can check here:

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It is worth to mention that the opening ceremony of the show was proceeded not only by the famous dr. Jane Goodall, which electrified all the participants, but also two local politics:
– Julia Klöckner – Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection of Germany

– Dr. Ulrich Maly, Lord Mayor of Nuremberg, planning to leave his position in Spring 2020

Julia Klöckner was welcoming all the activists who push the organic frontier and had been an avangarde in their countries. She mentioned that the future has arrived and the organic food had been finally, rightly appreciated. She shared her opinion that it is unacceptable that funds are being allocated to keep the low price of meat or of conventional food, which means no respect for the farmers and the animals, which lose their lives for us.

Organic products makes a huge contribution to ecology, economics and sustainability. Organic farms should be rewarded to draw attention, to inspire other farmers to become more sustainable, like Scandinavian friends do. We can’t afford dropping trends. Whole Europe should take care about organics, protect water areas, coastlines, help farmers to be successful, we should have objectives based on science. Denmark and Germany agreed to stop extension of glyphosate usage and develop strategies into sustainability, involve more politics. Federations should pay for organic transitions and already millions of EURO have been paid – 30 millions for research only! We need to develop whole communities, all public institutions are invited to apply organic food, cafeterias, it turns not so difficult, when it’s done.” – says Julia Klöckner – Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection of Germany

Dr. Ulrich Maly mentioned about the regional campaign in Bavaria “ORGANIC, PLEASE” aiming at 100% food for children in kindergartens should be organic. He talked about the need to raise the society awareness through media. Lord Mayor ensured Bavaria is supporting #FridaysForFuture campaigners, and he confessed the farmers do not feel treated well by the society. He mentioned about glyphosate, dropping bee populations, and that the public debate needs to be started, including also the subject of climate change. His worries went to the news, which are changing people’s moods and influence the demand, and that we should be careful about our changing moods and consumption, and definitely we should not eat avocado, as it costs too much money to get it delivered to Europe.

We no longer can continue like before, otherwise we reach an end, as dr. Jane Goodall said in her opening talk.

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