By raising awareness of consumers, specialists, dietary consultants, media and event organizers, we have a chance develop a concept of a greener and healthier world. Better awareness influences consumer choices, which mean wallet voting for more sustainable solutions and products. This platform is meant to be a source of inspirations for all. Both producers and consumers.

After having published 20 printed editions of a Polish health magazine HIPOALERGICZNI (since 2013), and later establishing HAPPY EVOLUTION GLOBAL ASSOCIATION (since 2014) regarding self-development education, the founder Zaneta Geltz decided to create a hub for all producers, consumers, specialists, hotel owners, kitchen chefs, schools and all parties which dream of a more sustainable future and need quick support, here and now.

The project is financed from sales of our magazines, sold through our internet store: www.multishop24.pl/category/happy-evolution – if you want to support our actions and development, buy our publications and spread the good inspirations in your environment.

Acting together we can all achieve many sustainable goals, such as:

  • less household chemistry and synthetic cosmetics in use
  • less plastic in water, soil, and air, in food and on store shelves
  • less pesticides, herbicides, fungicides in the soil, water, food and in us
  • less artificial additives in food and in beauty products
  • less meat consumption (methane emission)
  • less CO2 in the air

You gain inspirations, direct contacts to valuable web sites, people and brands, which are selected by us. You save time and you spare mistakes, often committed because of green-washing practice of many giant companies, trying to take advantage of eco-trends.
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Anything that you can see, read and watch on our web site, is free for you.
However, if you want to get more:
– individual consultation (because you want to start building an eco house)
– speaking session (because you run a hotel, company or school)
– product advisory (because you want to switch your ingredients and packagings into organic and zero waste)
– promote your product (because you own a sustainable brand)
you can obtain an offer from us.

For more details, look here: OUR SERVICES, or write a message to us: CONTACT.

It is not a selling platform. We care about education and self-expanding inspiration. However, if you are hungry for more than that, have a look at what we sell (magazines):
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We engage farmers, ecological manufacturers, organic activists and sustainable designers to secure a better future for our children.

We offer our support to organic farmers, producers, eco stores, specialists, nurses, midwives, dietary consultants, teachers, architects, developers, restaurant chefs, hotel owners, fashion designers, pack- aging producers, institutions, offices, and governments to start and go through the process of a necessary change.

Join our community and expand your brand through authentic, niche events and specialized media supported by science and medicine, not by TV advertising.

You might have a great article in your sleeve, fantastic sustainable solution to show, or organic product to launch, contact us through the form here:


We seek for more and more ideas and inspirations from all over the world, so don’t hestitate, write what you propose and please, wait patiently.

If no reply for more than a week, try to push via messenger:

You have a few options of presenting your brand on this platform.
It can be show of your brand, presentation of selected, qualified products, presenting you as a founder, placing links, etc.

Only qualified brands and carefully selected products can be presented on this platform. So, if you have a non-organic product or brand that still uses unsustainable packaging, etc – please, don’t place your proposal. We don’t reply to proposals like that.

If your book, organization or brand solves sustainability issue, or turns the world and the climate into a better position, contact us through this link:


We don’t reply to all proposals, especially those, who do not really go in line with sustainability guidelines.

If you are an activist planning an important campaign, a writer or a reporter having an important news to share, or a local journalist wanting to show a good solution for spreading it, write to us here:


We seek for new ideas and great news. Take action and write.


We happily support organic brands and manufacturers who respect the law of nature. After having seen the ecological certificate (it is different for food, for cosmetics, for textiles or packagings), we also audit the mission of the brand and expect that the products are produced without plastic elements (or with the minimum dose of plastic, which is hard to avoid, especially in house electric equipment or pomping accessories in liquid products).

We expect your product:

  • not to harm the environment: do not pollute water, air and the soil
  • not to harm the living organisms: both the invisible and the visible
  • not to harm the human beings living in other regions of the planet
  • not to negatively influence the future of all children and life in general

The product should also assume health aspects, so it guarantees neutral influence or positive influence on our health.

Additionally, the quality of the product should be designed in such a way, that it serves maximum period without breaking and becoming a waste. If your product becomes a waste – it should still be either:

  • bio-compostable – become a part of nature
  • recyclable – for example become a paper from agro-waste
  • dissolve in water with no impact on life in it
  • re-used again – for example the glass jar to become a spices container
  • other zero waste and organic solutions

For more, please, write here: CONTACT>

If we know a similar product like yours, but it is manufactured without the use of plastic, we have the right to refuse promoting your brand.

However, if we don’t know of an alternative which can replace your product without plastic elements, say – tap water filter installation – we can agree to show your product.

However, other criteria must be met, please, look above to the answer to the first question in this FAQ Section.

Yes, we warmly welcome people who popularize organic life solutions, zero waste movement and permaculture farming philosophy.

Write to us and send your vision of cooperation here:


Our platform serves as a knowledge center, not an internet store.

We can establish a recommendation cooperation, as long as your products or services meet our ethical and ecological demands.

Any queries? Please, write here: QUERY>

As long as you meet the criteria to become a recommended brand, you can be proposed various tools, available on our platform:

All other individual solutions like: video interview or products reviews, are calculated separately, based on a number of days, team involved and other changing cost elements.

If you want more proposals and information, write to us what you need: