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ORGANIC GROWTH ALLIANCE is an alliance created by the founder of HAPPY EVOLUTION Global Association, and aims at creating a place to exchange knowledge, practices, experiences, contacts, as well as proven products that will not only help you find the best solutions for health, but also for animal welfare, water, soil and air purity. We are developing a ‘ORGANIC LIFE’ GUIDE which will show how to – step by step – move away from synthetic products that have been used at home so far and change them into organic solutions. For manufacturers, hotels, restaurants, eco stores, dietary consultants, medical specialists, designers, packaging creators, as well as offices, institutions, educational units and developers – we have prepared a training package and workshop aimed at replacing non-organic practices with non-polluting practices the environment and do not harm health.

Our activities focus on propagation of sustainable development, which will stop spreading chemical contamination and the plague of diseases resulting from disorders of the immune system. Fill in our CONTACT FORM and propose your contribution.