Zaneta Geltz chose to want less, live more and leave a better world behind. In 2013 she established a unique magazine focused on allergies, immunology and asthma. One year later, having over 1000 interviews processed with scientists and specialists, she formulated a simple recipe for a happy life, and started to live by it.

After 4 months of consequent discipline, switching to organic food and having changed her shopping habits, she lost 18 kg and reduced the size from 42 to 34. In 2019, she developed an international magazine connecting health areas with the self-development, to break through with the message that the “impossible mission” can be achieved sooner than we think. HAPPY EVOLUTION magazine is a self-operated manual containing 10 steps to perfect health that leads the reader to inevitable happiness and the life balance. As an educated linguist and a journalist she spent nearly 20 years cooperating with Scandinavian manufacturers, where learnt a lot about chemicals, ingredients, certification and consumer communication.

Ecology and sustainability is now her life priority and that is why the magazine is not going to present any unsustainable or uncertified products, not to mislead the readers with semi-food or harmful cosmetics. As the next project, she decided to create an exceptional “hub” called “Organic Life” to establish a place, which connects sustainable manufacturers, designers, architects, authors, farmers, gardeners and many other persons, with consumers, who try to find the most reliable choice of solutions to go for. Therefore, you are invited to meet the PEOPLE and know the BRANDS.

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Marcin Geltz is passionate about film making since he was a child. Even though life has thrown him away to a different ocean, and he co-owned a company and was active in construction industry for over two decades, he decided to follow his passion and left the business, he ran before. His film productions you can see here: DAVINA REEVES CIARA, WORLD FOOD SUMMIT, HORSE JUMPING.

As a mathematician from his education, he is very good with figures, that’s why, he constantly aims at optimising things. He wants less, he buys almost nothing, he calculates his costs of living, encourages to minimalism, refuses to accept gifts and his only dream is to live in peace.


Carla Ortuño Güendell is half Spanish half Costa Rican. She has lived in 12 different countries and enjoys embracing cultures’ little eccentricities. This unique experience has taught her that no matter where we come from, we all share similar aspirations and responsibilities in life. We aspire to find happiness, love and to have good health. Our main duty is to respect others and take care of our planet.

She has dedicated her career to working in the development and humanitarian field – gaining experience from three continents in different areas: health, education, human rights, environment and infrastructure. She studied translation and international relations and enjoys both learning and teaching languages. She speaks fluent Spanish, English, French and Chinese and is currently studying Polish.

Carla is an intercultural communicator and linguist who is passionate about finding the things that bring us happiness, love and balance in life. She loves staying active, practicing sports and is also treading her own path towards a zero waste and minimalist lifestyle.

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