Have a handful of easy tips to save your money

Is it something for you?

Billions of dollars are invested every year in sales teams trainings so they can sell more and more and achieve better annual results. Highly skilled specialists are hired to organize hypermarkets and huge stores in such a way that consumers buy products they don’t need and see opportunities in buying more and more.

Are we helpless?

We can arm ourselves with rejection of doing shopping in hypermarkets at all. By this, we stop nourishing the capitalists who do anything to manipulate consumers to spend more money at their stores.

We can learn more about ecological certificates to concentrate only on products which do not harm the natural environment, including water we drink, and also wild animals, exposed to unknown dangers.

We can also systematically reshape our consumer choices and habits, so we simply buy less, but better products. We can decide to start saving money, and – what is a very good motivation – start working less, with lower financial pressure.

Finally, when we get through our journey of reducing shopping and we simply observe money being collected in our pockets, we rethink other areas of life.

Minimalism and purity permeates to relationships we look after, to the work we perform and suddenly our future looks different than we ever imagined. We value our energy, which can be invested only in things, people and actions, that we believe are right. We want to spread this observation and freedom with others.

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The less we plan to buy and the more we are able to create, the less we need to work for money, which probably we don’t need so much. Our body is in a better health condition, when we are less exposed to stress and work load. We gain longer and better life without all the stuff we obviously buy …unnecessarily. Because of a promotional offer, because of other people have it, because it is in a good tone at this age. Now you are free.