The Winners of the Ecological Plebiscite of ORGANIC LIFE TOP 50 receive a medal and diploma with the number on the list as a Winner of a given category. In addition, the Winners have the opportunity to take advantage of an interview presenting the profile of the plebiscite hero (on this page), as well as the possibility of a 12-month exposure of their brand or project in the section: https://organic-life.tips/pl/brands. The materials must be delivered by December 31, 2022 at the latest and presence in the event is necessary.


People who awarded with a diploma of recognition received an opportunity to appear in the organizer’s media in the form of an interview on the environmental projects underway, if participating personally in the event.

The Warsaw Chamber of Commerce has declared the possibility of a promotional interview for both groups of Winners.
Contact to WIG in our editorial office. Please, use this form: form.

We finally know the names of the winners of the Ecological Plebiscite ORGANIC LIFE TOP 50, appreciated by the Jury consisting primarily of scientists focused on ecology, ethics and education. Out of 88 nominees this year, the jury selected 42 winners and 8 distinguished persons. The Final Gala took place on September 17 at the Atlas Arena during the second day of the Natura Food and beECO Fairs at the invitation of Miejskie Arena Kultury i Sportu Sp. z o. o. in Łódź in Poland.


The long-term goal of the Plebiscite is to systematically create a list of best of the best when it comes to activists in the field of ecology in various fields, both in agriculture, beekeeping, food production, cosmetics, crop support agents, in the sphere of activities to increase Poles’ awareness of the importance of ecology for our future. The plebiscite awards prizes in as many as 50 categories!

The Plebiscite is to spotlight to people who are particularly active in educating people on the subject of the benefits of organic food, food self-sufficiency, how we can regain lost health and – additionally – is to create an integrated group of people followed by the rest of the conscious and seeking health of Poles. Anyone could be nominated for the Plebiscite. The Jury decided about the selection based on Nominations submitted readers, consumers, also the Winners of the previous edition of the Plebiscite.


And here are the Winners of the Ecological Plebiscite
#ListaORGANICLIFETOP50 – edition 2022:


  1. Category – FARMERBohdan Stankiewicz, Gospodarstwo Eko Złotna

  2. Category – APIFARM: Łukasz Karol Uliasz, Apicultura Polska „Leki z Pasieki”

  3. Category – PLANTATOR: Andrzej Nowak, Borówkowy Gaj

  4. Category – ORCHAD: Bożena Pochodyła i Marek Kruk, Sad Ekologiczny BM Ogrody Bio Jabłko

  5. Category – PLANT FOOD PRODUCER: Magdalena i Janusz Babicz, Polubio Sp. z o.o

  6. Category – VINEYARD: Agnieszka Joanna Rousseau, Winnice Wieliczka – WPW VINASPORA Sp. z o.o.

  7. Category – WHOLESALER: Paweł Muras, NOMAK Sp. z o.o.

  8. Category – PRODUCER OF GROATS AND FLOUR: Patryk i Aleksandra Stelmaszczyk, Młyn EKO Hillar

  9. Category – TEA PRODUCER: Christos Markopoulos, GRECO Bio Products

  10. Category – GREENS PRODUCER: Małgorzata i Paweł Staniszewscy, Eco Mindset Sp. z o.o.

  11. Category – VEGETABLE MANUFACTURER: Piotr Woźnicki, Gospodarstwo Ekologiczne SĄTYRZ

  12. Category – PLANT OIL PRODUCER: Monika Styczek- Kuryluk, Ekologiczne Gospodarstwo Rolne Monika Styczek-Kuryluk

  13. Category – SPICES PRODUCER: Frank Lantz, Sustainable Food BY LANTZ

  14. Category – ANIMAL FOOD PRODUCER: Waldemar i Tomasz Maziejuk, Rodzinne Gospodarstwo Ekologiczne „FIGA” s.c.

  15. Category – HAIRSTYLE COSMETICS PRODUCER: Elżbieta Sanojca, HERBATINT Farby do włosów

  16. Category – SKINCARE COSMETICS PRODUCER: Martin Saahs, Günter Stöffelbauer, dieNikolai from Niceshops GmbH

  17. Category – HOME DEVICES PRODUCER: Monika Starecka-Wujcik, A-PIC DESIGN

  18. Category – HOME ARTICLES PRODUCER: Karolina Brukarczyk-Roguszka, HUSSKA

  19. Category – BABY ACCESSORIES PRODUCER: Zbigniew Marek Pośpiech, Buy4baby Sp. z o. o. – Virgel Kids

  20. Category – SUPLEMENT PRODUCER: Barbara Rusiecka-Górniak, Czarna Malina

  21. Category – ALLERGOLOGY DOCTOR: dr n. med. Danuta Myłek, Prywatny Gabinet Alergologiczny PROGRES

  22. Category – GYNECOLOGY DOCTOR: dr n. med. Tadeusz Oleszczuk, Gabinet Ginekologiczno-Położniczy

  23. Category – SCIENTIST: Prof. dr hab. Beata Kuczyńska, SGGW

  24. Category – CLUB: Barbara Ewa Wojtaszek, Fundacja Klub Myśli Ekologicznej

  25. Category – ASSOCIATION: Sylwia Czubat, Dawid Michał Czubat, Marcin Maksymilian Czubat, Stowarzyszenie Postaw Na Zdrowie – Plony od rolnika

  26. Category – FUNDATION: Adam Bohdan i Dawid Kaźmierczak, Fundacja Dzika Polska

  27. Category – COALITION: Danuta i Waldemar Zarzyccy, ZRZESZENIE WYTWÓRCÓW POLSKIEGO ROLNICTWA EKOLOGICZNEGO im. Jana Pawła II „Rolnik Ekologiczny”

  28. Category – FILM / YOUTUBE, Adolf Kudliński, ADOLF KUDLIŃSKI JUNIOR Kanał YouTube

  29. Category – ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST: Wioletta Wiertel i Sebastian Szypuła, BOHEMA CLOTHING

  30. Category – INITIATIVE: Joanna Polit, POLE W ROSOLE

  31. Category – FARMERS’ EDUCATION: dr hab. Krzysztof Kujawa, Pracownik naukowy w Instytucie Polskiej Akademii Nauk

  32. Category – CHILDREN EDUCATION: Rodzina Gładysiaków, Ogród Ekologiczny Gładysiaków

  33. Category – BOOK: Klaudia Sidorowicz, „Ogród probiotyczny – nowy sezon”

  34. Category – SHOP: Piotr Legutko i Marcin Bartoszewicz, PPHU LOGO s.c., EKOJEMY.pl

  35. Category – KITCHEN: Joanna Baranowska, ORGANICZNI

  36. Category – DIETARY SPECJALIST: Marzena Andrzejewska, COACHING DIETETYCZNY

  37. Category – MEDICAL SHOW ORGANIZER: dr n. med. Agata Plech, PRZEJRZYJ NA OCZY

  38. Category – CONSTRUCTION COMPANY: Katarzyna Blok-Bartkowiak i Bartosz Bartkowiak, MOBI HOUSE Sp. z o.o.

  39. Category – HOTEL: Grażyna Wrona, Manor House Witalna Wioska i Hotel SPA

  40. Category – INNOVATION: Katarzyna Młynarczyk, Handelek – Lokal Zero Waste

  41. Category – PRODUCER OF PACKAGINGS: Anna Radoń-Cholewa, AJC System teco+

  42. Category – PRODUCER OF TABLEWARE: Michał Łukasz Siemieniuk, NOVIGO FILMS Sp. z o.o.


  • Category – VEGETABLE MANUFACTURER: Adam Piskorek, ŻUR od Piskorka BIO


  • Category – MANUFACTURER OF PLANT SUPPORT PRODUCTS: P.H. ADW Sp. z o.o., Emulpar 940 EC

  • Category – MANUFACTURER OF SOIL SUPPORT PRODUCTS: Wojciech Lis, KRONEN by Lasland Sp. z o. o.

  • Category – GARDENING: Marta Góra, OGRODY Marta Góra

  • Category – PERSONALITY: Ewa Podolska, RADIO JOURNALIST

  • Category – PRODUCER OF PACKAGINGS: Novamont S.p.A.Mater-Bi

  • Category – TABLEWARE PRODUCER: Dominik Paweł Mielczarek i Piotr Paweł Sokół, Natural Pack Sp. z o.o.


The Organic Life TOP 50 Final Gala is a way to integrate Polish heroes of ecology and a somewhat entertaining way to connect people around one stage. ethical scene. Without the promotion of foreign banks and international hypermarkets, which are increasingly willing to promote their brands in an ecological context.

An additional benefit apart from being exposed and presented in the competition, is participation in Econetworking, which enables the Winners, Honorable Mentions and Nominees present at the Gala to take part in a business mixer, which has already had its first fruits in the form of new products, forms of cooperation, new orders and directions of development of brands that participate in the Plebiscite.


The jury consisted of:

  1. Prof. dr hab. Ewa Rembiałkowska, lecturer at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, president of the Organic Agriculture FORUM Association. M. Górnego, an activist for environmental education for several decades.
  2. Barbara Majkowska-Wojciechowska, MD, PhD, lecturer at the Immunology and Allergy Clinic of the Medical University of Lodz, allergy specialist, board member of the Asthma and Allergic Diseases Aid Association, who has been raising her voice about the harmfulness of GMOs for a long time.
  3. Dr hab. Renata Kazimierczak, professor at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, member of the Ecological Agriculture FORUM association. M. Górny, intensively educating pregnant women, and even before – for the future health of the child in the field of diet.
  4. Anna Zalewska, M.A., trainer of minimalism, promoter of a plant-based diet, journalist of Hipoallergiczni magazine, member of the board of the Happy Evolution Association, a Germanist by education.
  5. Żaneta Geltz, MA, journalist, communication expert, ecology educator for over 2 decades, personal development trainer, English teacher and negotiator of commercial contracts.

The organizer of the Final Gala and the Ecological Plebiscite #ListaORGANICLIFETOP50 is the GELTZ MEDIA publishing agency, the publisher of the HIPOALERGICZNI magazine and online service, owned by Żaneta Geltz – founder of the Happy Evolution Global Association.

The partners of the plebiscite are:

– Foundation St. Karłowski Juchowo
– Demeter Poland Association
– Happy Evolution Global Association
– Association of Organic Agriculture FORUM them. M. Górny
– Association of Polish Media
– Warsaw Chamber of Commerce
– Association “Przegląd Na Oczy.”
– Polish Ayurvedic Association PRANA – Security in practice
– Little Greenfinity Agency
– EKOstudent Association of Polish Students of the Warsaw School of Economics

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