The Foundation of Malgosia Braunek „BADZ” has organised in February 2019 the second Congress of Intergrative Medicine called „Be integral in your health. Medicine of the Future.” Zaneta Geltz has moderated the medical debate, but first has summed up all lectures held before with a great knowledge and understanding, and underlined the efficiency of connecting traditional chinese medicine and conventional medicine and the importance of an integrated approach to health.

She went deep into the issues of stress (distress, eustress) and distructive habits which can influence our wellbeing.

The Foundation of Malgosia Braunek „BADZ” promotes and supports an Integrative and holistic approach both towards health and the disease, among persons interested in a healthy life style, prevention and treatment of chronic illnesses.

Orina Krajewska

CEO of The Foundation of Malgosia Braunek „BADZ”

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