We can all refresh our memories and come back to traditional and sustainable solutions, packagings and reusable products. Have a look at various raw materials that don’t harm both life and the environment, and become an amazing source of pure satisfaction.


We prepared a beautiful and easy-to-use guide book for those who intend to enter organic life style and for those who look for more tips and ideas to follow and share them.



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We have the privilage to have collected hundreds of valuable pieces of advice originated from scientists, medical doctors, dietary consultants, farmers, gardeners, practitioners and more. Now, we want to share them with you.

In 2013 we have covered such areas of daily life as: skin care, household cleaning, food supply, gastronomy, farming, health and many others. Reaching nearly 10 millions of readers we are proud to co-create a new wave of changes in consumers’ behaviours which make a meaningful impact on products offered by the market. Not only producers have adjusted their offer to the market demands, but also designers, architects and health councellors are getting more and more organically and ethically oriented.


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We don’t go for any compromise. With more than 2 decades of experience of the founder Zaneta Geltz gained thanks to close cooperation with toxicologists, chemists, certification organisations, ethical and ecological experts, we can propose clean and awesome living scenarios that may help people get away from consumerism and media noise.

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Instead of individual answers and trying to manage single messages, we develop a rich-in-content FAQ section, so you can go through questions already asked and answers already given. However, if your question is totally new and we have not seen a question like this before, you will get our response (in FAQ).

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We constantly develop our message to the World, to you. New experts, next conferences, great discoveries, fresh interviews and tips from inspiring people – we offer all of them to you, Dear Reader. It all builds up our mountain of endless list of tips for a more organic life.

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From an average city consumer to an organic farmer, we share the same philosophy – to do whatever we can to buy less, to pollute less, to harm less. We don’t have to be a perfect example from tomorrow or ever. All actions and gestures matter. Let’s just do something to consume less, but better, to become a more responsible consumer and co-create more sustainable communities.


We need to reform our school programs to teach children where food comes from, how to become self-reliant and take responsibility for our actions.


The earlier we start turning back to organic farming and getting away from synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, the better future we face.


The better food we eat and the more reasonable life style we apply, the less costs we generate in the future to cure our illnesses.


We need all of you, there is not even one person we can afford to lose. Join us this way or other.



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Don’t stay behind, look how easy it is to use collectively gathered value that transforms peoples’ lives into healthier and more secure. We can collaboratively create a better future and a more ethical World.


ORGANIC LIFE by Zaneta Geltz

  • Workshops with Zaneta Geltz are always most production. Zaneta has an amazing approach towards participants and talks about healthy, ecological food with a great passion. During the last edition, which took place in BioFamily in Poznan „How to nutrify your body to get back the power and get rid of extra kilograms?”, I learnt exactly how to build a balanced diet. How to construct the meals, how to use organic products to stay healthy. I received a Shopping List, which is worth keeping when you go for your grocery. I strongly recommend going for workshops with Zaneta, she really motivates to take an action.

    Gabriela Sroka

    Event Coordinator - Bio Family Supermarket

  • As organisers of Cake Festival Poland 2018, we are very grateful for the speaking session of Zaneta Geltz, which was opening the 3rd edition of our festival. The most important message coming out from her speech was that it only us, you and me, who can take care about our health, our families, and our planet. Governments, doctors or schools will not take over the duties to take care about our lives, health and environment. It is our job, as societies, as an individual, as a parent, as a company owner. We are very thankful to Zaneta that our huge number of participants could hear this message, and that we can together create a better, more responsible future. She is not waiting for the black scenario to happen, but she promotes changes, which improve our health, relationships, career, families and the future.

    Kinga Jakimowicz

    Organiser of Cake Festival Poland 2018

  • The Foundation of Malgosia Braunek „BADZ” has organised in February 2019 the second Congress of Intergrative Medicine called „Be integral in your health. Medicine of the Future.” Zaneta Geltz has moderated the medical debate, but first has summed up all lectures held before with a great knowledge and understanding, and underlined the efficiency of connecting traditional chinese medicine and conventional medicine and the importance of an integrated approach to health.She went deep into the issues of stress (distress, eustress) and distructive habits which can influence our wellbeing.The Foundation of Malgosia Braunek „BADZ” promotes and supports an Integrative and holistic approach both towards health and the disease, among persons interested in a healthy life style, prevention and treatment of chronic illnesses.

    Orina Krajewska

    CEO of The Foundation of Malgosia Braunek „BADZ"

  • It is not a coincidence that Zaneta Geltz is an ambassador of Joga Festival. Everything she speaks about and concepts she promotes are very close both to us and our guests. During the last edition, it has been very precious to hear all news about organic farming, which seems to be very trendy subject, but hardly any of us realised what pesticides are doing to our health and what enormous damages are caused to our environment. It is the same with plastic. Since we heard the lecture „Zero Waste – 15 minutes for the planet”, we think twice before we take a plastic bag in a store. Zaneta Geltz activates us to act, she inspires to a healthier, BETTER life.

    „Dwie Doliny" Hotel in Wierchomla

    Co-organiser of Joga Festival

  • Information has reached the level of being a factor of the global manipulation. Quality of an information and the speed of processing it influence the outburst of the military conflicts, the collapse or the growth of companies, and also our life quality. Nobody else, but Zaneta Geltz is able to present how and who is manipulating our tastes, preferences and what is the purpose of this practice. During our conference in the complex of schools in Swarzedz, Zaneta Geltz has shown what is – in an amazing and reliable way – behind our change of eating habits, destruction of our environment, and also how these processes will impact our future. After the fascinating speaking session of Zaneta, the audience understood where from so many diseases are coming from, that nobody heard about before. It was also very valuable to learn what exactly should we consume and how we could live to become happy, in close connection with nature and how to avoid becoming a victim of a primitive manipulation.

    Dr Krzysztof Danielewicz

    CEO, Security in practice

  • We had a pleasure and great opportunity to cooperate with Zaneta Geltz during International Joga Convention in Warsaw and twice during Joga Festival in Wierchomla. Each speaking session is an exceptional message with the highest level of knowledge, based on a solid science and personal experience. She has discovered a unique formula for passing the knowledge regarding healthy style of life. And because she is what she speaks, this makes her 100% credible and she electrifies the audience with her engagement. It is important to add that participants of our events are of high awareness and high expectations, and each time we invite Zaneta Geltz – it raises a great enthusiasm.

    Ewa Majerska

    Editor-in-chief Joga-joga.pl

  • Lecture of Zaneta Geltz given during our conference in Dzwirzyno woke us up. In a simple and logical manner, step by step, we have discovered how we cause various diseases ourselves. It is scary how polluted our food is! What a man can do to another human being? How we destroy our surrounding environment? Thanks to Zaneta’s speaking session, we understood, that people need to change their attitude to nature or we simply devastate it totally, and we will destroy also ourselves.

    Anna Osińska

    CEO Polskie Centrum Edukacji

  • With the head full of ideas, with knowledge and a smile – this is how Zaneta Geltz is winning the audience. She also won us with the healthy style of life, in harmony with nature and with herself. This was her, who inspired our readers to go beyond the scheme and look at the food production from a wider perspective, bringing knowledge about what influences our bread value and the quality of sweets. Her social campaigns, such as #15minforthePlanet or #JarRecycle made us aware of how our daily decisions cast a shadow on the whole world and why it is worth the effort to make goods without producing waste. Zaneta Geltz has enriched our approach, diversified the spectrum of articles published in our magazine „Mistrz Branzy” [Branch Master], and most of all, she has inspired us to develop themes like zero waste, which she proposed. We are thankful.

    Anna Kania

    Mistrz Branży

  • Zaneta Geltz is an editor-in-chief of the magazine HIPOALERGICZNI and in her speaking sessions she shows in an easy way the scientific news, included in the magazine. The way we choose to eat, our consumption choices impact our planet. It is very important to have the widest possible audience informed about healthy food choices, and Zaneta Geltz delivers simple explanations why we should choose organic products.

    Agnieszka Kaniewska

    Dietary counsellor, editor-in-chief of GoOrganic magazine