Today, the information and the ways of getting it through to the audience became one of the most valued element of how modern world works. Information has reached the level of being a factor of the global manipulation. Quality of an information and the speed of possessing it influence the outburst of the military conflicts, the collapse or the growth of companies, and also our life quality. Nobody else, but Zaneta Geltz is able to present how and who is manipulating our tastes, preferences and what is the purpose of this practice. During our conference in the complex of schools in Swarzedz, Zaneta Geltz has shown what is – in an amazing and reliable way – behind our change of eating habits, destruction of our environment, and also how these processes will impact our future. After the fascinating speaking session of Zaneta, the audience understood where from so many diseases are coming from, that nobody heard about before. It was also very valuable to learn what exactly should we consume and how we could live to become happy, in close connection with nature and how to avoid becoming a victim of a primitive manipulation.

Dr Krzysztof Danielewicz

CEO, Security in practice

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