Our body will stay nourished and free from toxins, if we choose organic food, not treated with chemicals both during vegetation and watering process. Szambala Garden is placed in the surrounding of National Park Roztocze, in the fields of 7 ha, where no chemicals have been used. Also water and air are clean, so the plants are bringing to you purest energy.

You can order all veggies through the internet store: coriander, parsley, savory, radish, kale, potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, pumpkin, onions, garlic, beans, carrots, selery and many other veggies growing in a pure fertile soil. All seeds are ecological, certified with green leaf or Demeter, which ensure highest level of nutrients in the plants, offering solid health.

„I created the Szambala Garden” thanks to support offered by numerous people with a passion for ecology, among others – owning impressive farms in Germany, India and USA, who showed me how to grow strong plants. I was educated how to care about the vegetables, so they can offer to people all possible nutrients, highest levels of vitamins, minerals, proteins and antioxidants. In our garden we use only biodynamic fertilizers, and ecological ways of farming, so the plants show an extraordinary vitality and they are exceptionally strong.


When we release our body from processed, conventional or genetically modified food, full of preservatives, emulsifiers, synthetic aromas and colorants, treated with glyphosate (main ingredient of RoundUp for example), reduce eating meat, when we get free from refined sugar, refined fats and refined flour, we let our body to regenerate itself. Nature has taken care of all forms of life on Earth. Animals don’t need doctors, they eat right food, and if they get sick, they hide, fast and sleep. The only thing they need is peace and time. We are also animals. We need to understand the Laws of Nature.

Szambala Garden offers weekly supplies in two options: SMALL BOX, BIG BOX. Families subscribe to a monthly shipment of 4-5 parcels per month and simply wait. Consumers are free to order some more products that weekly supply, they also order goat cheese, if it is available, buckwheat honey, blueberries in xylitol, fermented veggies, like cubbage, freshly squeezed oils, all organic.

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