When I only saw the lecture by Zaneta Geltz on the set of events of the Lactation Conference, I intuitively thought that it was something for me. I wasn’t wrong. From time perspective, I can firmly say that my life is life before and after this event. Many things are not the same anymore. Yes, I went with the attitude that I would learn interesting things about healthy eating. I have attended many such meetings since I became a mother of an allergic child. I thought I knew a lot. However, this was not an ordinary lecture, but a large dose of knowledge and specific examples. I still use the recipes given up today.

Until then, with my approach to organic food, for example, I didn’t have many allies. Mrs. Zaneta’s words gave me wind in my sails. I am looking for new ecological recipes and solutions, since that time. I live more mindfully. Since then I have become her big fan and she is my inspiration. I follow events with her participation and read her interviews with an interest.

I am very happy that I took my sister there, who was pregnant at that time. I know that the words she heard motivated her to breastfeed, despite the problems and to pay attention to what she was eating. I regret that being pregnant I did not have such knowledge. I think that this kind of education should be an elementary lecture at every birth school.

Katarzyna Glanc-Tarczewska

Lactation Conference – Gdynia

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