It is simple to take care about our future – avoid waste


  1. Start with decluttering your home with the things that don’t work – recycle or upcycle.
  2. Continue decluttering your home by selling or giving away stuff you don’t use or don’t need. There are actually so many ways to get rid of stuff: garage sales, charity organizations, presents to friends, sales on social media and specialized websites,… it doesn’t take much time and you don’t even need to leave your home. It’s often a lot of fun – such as garage sales, or it gives a great satisfaction to give stuff away to people in need. And yes, we really wear about 30% of the clothes we action have. So, one very good kick start is to look at your wardrobe and put aside what you can give away. I used a rational criterion: if I haven’t worn something within the last 3 months, that means I don’t need it. Not mentioning the cloths that are too big because I lost weight, the clothes that are too small because I was too optimistic when I bought it,… And I’d given it away for people in need.
  3. When questioning your “new” everyday life, don’t start with something big in mind. Think about one little thing at a time, you can get rid of, or you don’t need to buy regularly. I was totally addicted to large latte. I would take almost one per day to take away. When you know this costs between 3 and 4 EUR, you realized quickly this is an expense – and quite a superficial habit. I am not saying I don’t buy myself a latte anymore at all, but it’s much more rational, once in a while, mostly when I stay in a coffee shop.
  4. Reflects on the values you’re enjoying with a more minimalist lifestyle: interpersonal values, experiencing, less attached to material things. It shows you the feeling of freedom you’ve achieved and a more relaxed state of mind you’ve reached.
  5. Don’t try to convert anyone to your voluntary simple living. Accept that not everyone in your family and among your friends are ready to take the same journey. The more you’ll try to convert people, the more they resist. Don’t worry. Some will take actions right away. Some will rather take time. But there is a true and incredible powerful butterfly effect. Our actions inspire some people who will inspire some of their family and friends, etc. Every journey is different. But the values are the same. That’s all what counts.

For urban people, raw food products are a crucial link to the nature. When we are disconnected from the rhythm of the season, it’s hard to keep a touch of nature. But at the opposite, when we reconnect with the environment, the nature, we reconnected with ourselves and with people. When we respect the environment, it is a whole set of values that are revived. I meet new people or people I see in conferences, on projects, etc. everyday. I’ve noticed since I work in sustainability that people who care for the environment, look for win-win relationship, and are less oriented to conflicts, they care of others, they are more honest business partners… It shows how eve- rything is connected. Started with we, manhood, connected with the environment! – says Virginie Little, who together with her husband has established the One Planet Foundation to promote education about the environment targeting younger public.

Start with your initial steps - have some fun!