Have fun discovering several life areas, where we can easily become more sustainable

When your life power is at stake, you need to become very selective. No more semi-friends waiting for your failure, no more people who act against your life improvements or persons holding you back from going vegetarian or organic. Keep around only those whose value system is compliant with yours, otherwise stress will eat you and life energy will fall.

So, what is it exactly that could we do in order to develop ourselves, our inner value and the quality of life, starting today?



The project is a lifebuoy for those who want to find specific solutions, buy the best, certified products without a marketing bullshit and which are fully legal and scientifically correct.

ORGANIC LIFE TIPS eBook – that we are developing – will show how to move away from synthetic products that have been used at home so far and change them into organic solutions. For manufacturers, hotels, restaurants, eco stores, dietary consultants, medical specialists, designers, packaging creators, as well as offices, institutions, educational units and developers – we have prepared a training package and workshop aimed at replacing non-organic practices with non-polluting practices the environment and do not harm health.

Our activities focus on propagation of sustainable development, which will stop spreading chemical contamination and the plague of diseases resulting from disorders of the immune system.

If you want to become a contributor or you want to have this eBook, let us know: